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Inaugural Post

Welcome to my blog. I've been telling myself that I should create one for the past couple of years, it seems that every project I work on I end up with some bits of information that I think might be useful to others.

I built this blog using the latest version of Ruby on Rails (3.1) and it is hosted on Heroku. I also wrote all the CSS myself, I consider myself mostly a backend programmer, I've written CSS parts of sites before, but never the entire stylesheet until now.

In case anybody is interested, you are more than welcome to take a look at the source code.

Hopefully Eight Bit Studios will continue to have interesting projects and I'll have some useful topics to post about.

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Richard Tanzer
Richard Tanzer says:
08/21/2011 09:45am

Nick, What do you see as the focus of this blog? Technical computer stuff, or more general? - Rich Tanzer

Nick DeSteffen
08/21/2011 03:49pm

It's going to be mostly technical. I may throw in a non-programming related post once in a while though.

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